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Mutable Instruments - Raw Panels

Most laser cutting places have a minimum order, we dealt with this in the beginning by roping in our friends into our DIY builds to help buy enough panels to hit that minimum. Next thing you know, you've become the 'panel guy'... hustling raw aluminum panels in the shady backwaters of the internet. Since it's just sitting there.... raw, naked and un-panel like, you'll be forced to learn what exactly you can do with it. Polish it! try toner transfer, print some stuff on it, set it on fire, paint it, set that son of a bitch on fire again! screenprint, sandblast, powder coat it, laser etch, or use them as throwing stars to protect your family. Soon you'll have accrued so many artistic design failures that you are forced to start a business in order to salvage at least some of the work and thousand of dollars you dumped into the endeavor to 'save money by building DIY'

This business will grow up and you'll find yourself sitting in a chair typing this story on a product page describing the dangers of minimum orders wondering what happens now that past has caught up with the present.

Lasercut 1/16" aluminum panel

Make cool shit with this.

Original CAD file  provided by Mutable Instruments under creative commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 license.